◆ Academic Affairs
  Ms. Feng-sheue Wang, Division of Registration
     Tel: 04-22840212 ext. 15  Email: registra@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

◆ International Student Affairs

 1. International Degree Students
   Ms. Mei-Ying Li (April), Office of International Affairs
   Tel: 04-22840206 ext.23  Email: mylee@nchu.edu.tw

 2. International Exchange Students
    Ms. Yu-Ching Cheng (Christina), Office of International Affairs
    Tel: 04-22840206 ext.22  Email: yccheng@nchu.edu.tw

 3. Mainland China Students
    Ms. Yi-Hsin Lin (Mina), Office of International Affairs
    Tel: 04-22840206 ext.13  Email: yihsinlin@nchu.edu.tw

 4. Overseas Chinese Students
    Office of Student Safety, Office of Student Affairs
    Tel: 04-22870885 Email: military@nchu.edu.tw
◆ Epidemic Prevention Hotline:
 1. Health and Counseling Center 04-22840241(Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm)
    Ms. Chang, Shiu-Huim Registered Nurse   Tel: 04-22840241 ext. 13

 2. Office of Student Safety 04-22870885(24/7 service)
◆ Personal Affairs:
 1. Faculty Leave Request:
    - Civil Servant: Ms. FONG-SIH HSIA  Tel: 04-22840699
    - Teacher、Technical Worker/Maintenance Worker: Mr. SHAO-BO LIAO Tel: 04-22840642

 2. Student Leave Request:
    Division of Student Life
    Ms. Wang, Wen-Chun Tel: 04-22840661
◆ Others:
  Ms. Wen-Yi Shih, Secretariat Office
     Tel: 04-22840202  Email: secsec@dragon.nchu.edu.tw