Please Update the “Health Care Questionnaire” health every 14 days

Dear all,
Due to the indigenous coronavirus disease, there has been 216 cases confirmed positive, and most of them are imported cases. Since there is going to be a 9-day vacation in a few days, in order to ensure a safety campus environment, we are going to implement the following two measures:
1. Update the “Health Care Questionnaire” health every 14 days:
From now on, if you haven’t fill out the Health Care Questionnaire for over 14 days, you will be marked red when you are going through the fever screening station with your ID card, please fill out the form again.
2. Authentically follow the home isolation, home quarantine and self-health management regulations:
According to the CDC’S announcement, if you are on your self-health management period, please “stay home” and avoid coming to school.
 (1) Procedure for taking for a leave:
a. Faculty leave:
- Teachers Tel:04-22840651
- Civil servant, staff Tel:04-22840699
- Mechanics, coworkers Tel:04-22840642
- Executive officers for all plans
b. Student’s leave: Office of Student Affairs Division of Student Life
Tel: 04-22840661
 (2) Epidemic prevention service line
a. health and counseling center: Tel:04-22840241 ext.13
b. Office of student safety( 24 hour hotline) Tel: 04-22870885
Due to the rapid change of the epidemic, you can search for the updated information on NCHU homepage, website:

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