[NCHU] Reminder: Please Follow the Campus- Scale Preventive Measures in Response to Recent Outbreaks in Taiwan


1.  Individuals are NOT allowed to enter any building inside the campus without wearing masks.
2.  In response to the pandemic level raised on May 11, every building on campus undergoing entrance restriction (real-name registration system) by setting up a Fever Screening Station since May 17, 2021. 
3.  Enhancing the frequency and intensity of disinfection for public facilities such as classrooms, toilets, dormitories, libraries, cafeterias, elevators.
4.  In principle, organizers should cancel outdoor activities of more than 500 people and indoor activities of more than 100 people.

1.  Distance Teaching should be fully implemented for courses with more than 100 students.
2.  For the courses under 100 students, please ensure that the windows and doors are kept open to facilitate ventilation. When there is no air conditioning available, standing fans (or wall fans) should be set up and placed appropriately.
3.  The courses with less than 100 students can be switched to distance teaching under the following circumstances: 
 a.  If the classroom is not accessible to the public and there is a high risk of infection,
 b.  If the professors/students raise reasonable concerns about the high risk of infection in the classroom. 
 c.  At least half of the students in the course agree to cancel the physical courses.

The visitors are NOT allowed to enter NCHU Library since May 14, 2021.

The cafeteria should keep a record of customers' contact information (real-name registration); install partitions between customers; sanitize/disinfect environments regularly; ensure staff members wear masks, maintain hand hygiene, sanitize customers' hands; and mark the specific seats with tapes to keep distance. 
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