【Notice No.5】Free Screening for COVID-19 at the Hospitals in Taichung (RENEW)


In order to avoid the high possibility of campus transmission of COVID-19, those who may have previously come into contact with the confirmed cases or received private warning message from Taiwan CDC (Taiwan Centers for Disease Control), please inform the Office of International Affairs immediately. Individuals who have been tested for COVID-19 but not yet received the final result from CDC is considered to be at potential risk and should not come to school or enter public area.

*Free charge since May 20,2021 (Thu)
*Individuals who have BOTH contact history and overlapping tracks with confirmed cases.
*Please bring your Passport, Health ID CARD and WEAR MASKS. Please do NOT take public transportation.
Hospital Opening Time Free Screening Service Online Appointment Limit of Capacity (People)
1.MOH&F Taichung Hospital Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00 NO 50
2.Cheng Ching Hospital-Chung Kang Branch Mon-Fri 13:30-17:30 NO 50
3.Everan Hospital Mon, Wed, Fri 13:30-17:30 YES 50
Tue, Thur, Sat 08:00-12:00
4.Wuri Lin Shin Hospital Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30 YES 100
5.Feng Yuan Hospital Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00 YES 100
6.Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital Mon-Fri 12:00-16:00 NO 100
7.Kuang Tien General Hospital (Dajia Branch) Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30 YES 50
8.Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital Mon-Fri 08:00-10:00
YES 100 (Each shift)
Sat 08:00-10:00
9. Kuang Tien General Hospital (Shalu Branch) Mon-Fri 09:00-11:00
YES 100
Sat 08:00-12:00

Last updated on 2021/7/12

For more information, please check  the website of Office of International Affairs.
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