【Notice No.6】Correct Response to the Rapid Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic




(The following guidelines and professional medical advice are provided by Epidemiologist Dr. Chao-Chin Chang, a Distinguished Professor from the Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health, NCHU.)

Dear All,

Facing the rapid spread of the pandemic, it is crucial not to over panic by the overflowed information. Instead, we should have a positive attitude and self-management for the pandemic prevention.

The most important reminders to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 are as follows:
1. Avoid unnecessary visits to crowded places. 
2. Wear masks at all times.
3. Wash your hands / sanitize your hands regularly and thoroughly.
4. Family members and friends should show EMPATHY and CARE for each other, and check their body temperature on daily basis.

In addition, most public discussions are very concerned about the infection caused by the unknown contact with the confirmed cases. The most important thing is to understand the actual timing and the time length of contact, reducing the time spent talking to each other outside (keeping it within 10 minutes), and maintaining a proper social distancing will effectively reduce the risk of infection.

In terms of epidemiology of infection, the real risk dwells on the actual environmental exposure or a sufficient period of time of having a close contact with the confirmed cases. Therefore, in my opinion, if there is a case of self-health management notified by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), or if there is a person who seeks medical treatment, he/she must notify his/her employer in response to facilitate timely management. (e.g., Working-from-Home mechanism).

As for the individuals who have been from the venue visited by the confirmed cases, there is no need to panic but go out as little as possible and manage their own health in a preventive manner. In case of discomfort or developing symptoms, please wear masks and go to hospital/ clinic for medical treatment. Please inform medical personnel of any possible overlapping tracks with the confirmed cases for the further required tests. Therefore, the Working-from-Home scheme currently used by our university has clearly defined the major categories of Working- from- Home applications. Providing employees with the best consideration on how to allocate supplies, assistance, and resources from their supervisors.

In terms of campus disinfection, it should not be considered necessary only after the location is announced. It is recommended that disinfection of public facilities in the highest risk areas of the campus (e.g., elevators, classrooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria, etc.) should be conducted on a "regular/daily basis". The targets of disinfection should be clearly identified and communicated, rather than relegated to some "pretentious" disinfection. It is not only in response to possible changes in the announced locations at any time but also to make the campus with a safer environment.

We are obliged to remind anyone who have been from the high-risk venue announced by the CDC must update the Health Care Questionnaire immediately, practice self-health management and go out as little as possible. Please inform the medical personnel of any possible overlapping track with confirmed cases for further required testing. If you are notified by the CDC that you need a self-health management, you should implement Working from Home mechanism and avoid entering university/campus, and wear a mask if you are ill.

As for the further information, please refer to the following links:
1.   Human Resources Office: If you need to take care of children who are out of class, you may apply for a “disease prevention childcare leave” (link).
2.   Health Care Questionnaire (Please renew it every 14 days)
3.   Instant information of COVID-19 Pandemic
4.   Free Screening for COVID-19 at the Hospitals in Taichung (link)

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