【Notice No.8】Correct Response to the Rapid Transmission from Taipei’s Wanhua District: Regarding Contact History and Free Screening



Dear All,

Due to the dramatically increased indigenous confirmed cases in these 2 weeks, – especially the confirmed cases reported in Taipei’s Wanhua District, the oldest region of Taipei City, where caused the most massive transmission all over the country.

Please be aware of the following notification:

In addition to following the official instructions of CECC (Central Epidemic Command Center), in order to avoid the high possibility of campus transmission of COVID-19, individuals who have received private warning message/alert from Taiwan CDC (Taiwan Centers for Disease Control), please inform your supervisors and affiliated offices immediately.(Faculty please inform the Human Resources; Students please inform the Office of Students Affairs; International Students please inform the Office of International Affairs) Individuals who have received warning message/alert but no symptoms shown are also considered to be at potential risk and should not come to school or enter public area; Implementing Self-Health Management for 21 days (since the day you come into contact with confirmed cases) is mandatory. If you are developing COVID-19 related symptoms, please check in the following 11 Free Screening hot spots for COVID-19 at the hospitals in Taichung. 
(See Attachment 1 &2)

Besides the existing confirmed cases, according to the recent reports of confirmed cases in Taichung and in other counties/cities except for New Taipei, there is a high percentage of which the cases have had contact history with the individuals that came from high-risk areas. 
1.    If you have a previous contact history with friends/ family members from Taipei’s Wanhua District since May 1st, please manage your own health.

2.    If you have developed related symptoms, please seek medical treatment immediately and consult the necessity of taking COVID-19 testing. 

Once again, as for the individuals who have received a private warning message that notifies you for testing, there is no need to panic but manage their own health, and avoid entering campus or public areas until the final result from CDC is available.

For further information, please refer to the following links and attachments:

1.    Press Release of Indigenous Confirmed Cases and Alert Notification: 
1-1: (Link)

1-2: (Link)

2.     NCHU COVID Prevention Main Contact:


3.       Attachment 1&2: Free Screening sites at 11 Hospitals 20210519 ; English Version
4.       Attachment 3:Designated Hospitals for Isolation in Taichung 20210519
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