【Notice No.13】Adjustments of NCHU Dormitory Closure Date due to the Nationwide Level 3 Alert

  1. Due to the extension of nationwide Level 3 Alert of the pandemic until June 14, the closure/move-out date of dormitory remains the same – June 26 (12:00 Noon). To prevent crowd gathering, the precautionary measures are as follows:
  • Students may end their residence any time at the service center before the deadline. Please avoid choosing to move out on the dorm closure day (June 26).
  • For students who will vacate their rooms, please remember to fill out the move-out form before mailing it back to the male/female dormitory along with the KEYS and copy of STUDENT ID. The service center will complete the check-ups upon receiving the required form. Students are not required to be there during check-ups.
  1. Division of Student Housing Service will announce the room arrangement once the summer accommodation application is available. Students must apply for the summer accommodation if they cannot move-out before June 26.
  2. IMPORTANT: If Central Epidemiological Command Centre (CECC) extends the nationwide Level 3 Alert after June 14th:
  • The closing date will be adjusted to 15 days after the announcement of CECC on lifting the nationwide Level 3 Alert.  Please complete the move-out process before the deadline.
  • If the nationwide Level 3 Alert of the pandemic is extended until mid-August, the dormitory will announce further notifications.
  • The summer accommodation will be cancelled. The dormitory will announce further notifications. For the students who need to apply for summer accommodation, watch out the latest notifications of Division of Student Housing Service.