【Notice No.15】Please Stay Home and Reduce Movement during the Dragon Boat Festival



(The following guidelines and professional medical advice are provided by Epidemiologist Dr. Chao-Chin Chang, a Distinguished Professor from the Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health, NCHU.)

Dear All,

As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the pandemic remains severe in Taiwan. We sincerely hope that every individual will cooperate with the government policies on pandemic prevention. Sending greetings and care for your families and friends through online. In addition, please follow these instructions during the holidays:

1. Reduce Movement
2. Reduce Contact
3. Avoid Visiting Each Other


For the Taiwanese, The Dragon Boat Festival is a memorable moment for wishing your family peace and welfare. Let us provide our protections and avoid bringing risks to our families and Taiwan!
We are now facing a highly infectious variant of COVID-19 virus, and any laxity or loose-end will surely cause a huge impact as illustrated by the several waves of clusters in Taiwan and in the Pasai Cluster in Malaysia. 

For further information regarding the cluster incident in Malaysia, please refer to the following links:

1.    Malaysia cluster
2.    Dragon Boat Festival

Wishing you all a good health and safety!

Translated by Office of International Affairs, NCHU

*More Information: Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19) Epidemic Prevention Area

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