【Notice No.23】Related Regulations of NCHU Emergency Relief Allowance Provided for International Students due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


I.    Eligibility:
International Students who are enrolled in NCHU and have suffered financial losses due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

II.    Application Deadline:
August 31st, 2021

III.    How to Apply:
Application Procedure:
- Step 1: Complete Online System (Link)
(Please prepare all the required documents scanned as PDF/JPG files)
- Step 2: Submit the hardcopy of “Letter of Guarantee” to OIA (If applicable)

IV.    Required Documents:
1.    Application Form (Online)
2.    Self-Evaluation Form of Financial Status (Online)
3.    Consent to Provide Personal Data (signed and scanned before uploading) 
4.    Relevant Attachments 
(e.g., proof of involuntary separation, proof of unpaid leave, or paycheck for the last 3 months, etc.) (signed and scanned before uploading)
5.  Letter of Guarantee (If applicable)
- If the applicant is unable to provide any relevant attachments as a proof, he/she must provide a Letter of Guarantee as an alternative. 
- It should be submitted as a statement of the fact that applicant’s financial status has been severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic. If the statement is not true, the applicant agrees to pay back the subsidy and bear all legal responsibilities,
- It should be signed and scanned before uploading, and the hardcopy must be submitted to OIA either by post or submit them to OIA during office hours.

V.  Reminders:
1. Provided Documents should prove that your financial status has been affected from May 1st to July 31st, 2021. 
2. Each applicant can apply ONLY once!

VI.  Result:
It will take about 20 working days to review the qualification once the application is successfully submitted. The applicant can log into NCHU Student Information System (https://onepiece.nchu.edu.tw/ps/plsql/m_stua) to check the final result.

VII.  Contact Persons:
1. Ms. Paci Huang , Office of International Affairs
Email: pacihuang@email.nchu.edu.tw
Tel: 04-22840206*41

2. Ms. Wang, Office of Student Affairs
Email: wwcnchu@nchu.edu.tw
Tel: 04-22840224


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