【Notice No.27】Adjustments of NCHU Dormitory Closure Date Regarding the Extension of Nationwide Level 3 Alert to July 26th

1. In response to Executive Yuan’s announcement that extends Nationwide Level 3 Alert to July 26th on July 8th, the closure/move-out date of dormitory is adjusted to 12:00 pm, August 9th. Due to the new resident students are scheduled to move in, the dormitory is required to be well- cleaned, disinfected and maintained thoroughly. If the nationwide Level 3 Alert has not yet lifted after August 9th, the closure/move-out date remains the same and will not be delayed.

2. To avoid cluster infection, the precautionary measures are as follows 
a. Please file an on-line reservation in advance if individual wants to enter the dormitory for packing upThe online registration deadline is August 9th, granting access up to 150 people per day. Please DO NOT wait until the last day to move out. (12:00pm, August 9th)

Please complete the google chart to apply for your leaving procedure:
(Male Dorm: https://forms.gle/We7z9TCFu6xGAVXo7)
(Female Dorm: https://forms.gle/pLQjYj2APAaB9arq6)

b. If the resident students are unable to return to the dormitory before August 9th, your room will be cleaned up and luggage will be packed by the cleaning company instead; the related expenses will be charged from the pre- paid Security Deposit (Cleaning and Maintenance). You can retrieve the luggage at the dormitory storage when you returned to the dormitory when the next semester starts.

c. For the resident students who applied to extend the stay until August 9th, you will be assigned to the same room as you were in 2021 Spring. Please be sure to avoid unnecessary loitering or movement to reduce the chance of infection.

3.  For students who have already vacated their rooms, please remember to fill out
the move-out form before mailing it back to the male/female dormitory along
with the KEYS and copy of STUDENT ID. (The last person who left the male dorm should send back the beforementioned documents along with the AC controller) The service center will complete the check-ups upon receiving the required form. Students are not required to be there during check-ups. 

4.  Due to the extension of Nationwide Level 3 Alert, the resident students who
applied for accommodation for summer vacation may start moving in at their building after August 9th; non- resident student (including the first-year graduate students) who already paid and applied for the accommodation for summer vacation will be assigned to the new room, please start moving in according to the schedule of your application. For the following schedule and fees, please refer to the attached files (NCHU Announcement of Accommodation for Summer Vacation) and description.

5.  In accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Education (MOE) on June 21st, 2021, it is still mandatory to comply with the "Guidelines for the Prevention of Epidemics in College Residences". To avoid the risk of infection and potential transmissions, parents (including visitors) are NOT allowed to enter the dormitory.

6. The dormitories open Saturday, September 4 for current graduate and undergraduate students in Fall semester of 2021. Check-in will be 9am.

7. Related Epidemic prevention measures will be taken in accordance with the 5th meeting of the University's Annual "Emergency Response Epidemic Prevention committee" in 2021.

Source: Office of Student Affairs
Translated by Office of International Affairs

*More Information: Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19) Epidemic Prevention Area