【Notice No.24】Correct Response to Extended Epidemic Warning of Level 3 to July 26th, 2021




1. The campus remained closed to the public (until July 26th)
The identification system on the main gate only allows vehicles with certification to enter the campus. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retired employees could show certification to get into the university.
2. Avoid large Gatherings (until July 26th)
Gatherings involving 5 or more individuals indoors or 10 or more individuals outdoors are suspended. 


Delay the Start of 2021 Fall Semester:
Due to the delayed College Entrance Examination, the next semester (Fall 2021) is adjusted to start on September 15th, 2021. The Final Term Exam is adjusted to be held from January 12th -18th, 2022. Updated semester calendar: http://nchu.cc/6Qt46


1.    Library: remained closed. Faculty and students may reserve the required books, pick up/return, submit the thesis or dissertation at the reception if needed.
2.    All P.E.-related facilities and venues (indoors/outdoors) remained closed, including the courts, fields, gyms, ranges, climbing sites, swimming pool, and stadiums. Track Field is also closed due to the ongoing construction.
3.    The cafeteria should keep records of customers' contact information (real-name registration) and practice TAKE-OUT ONLY thoroughly.


The closure/move-out date of school dormitory is scheduled on August 9th, 2021. The dormitory is opened to the RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY. Please BE SURE to make a reservation in advance to apply for your leaving procedure that will be processed in separate shifts to avoid cluster infection.

★NCHU will adjust our timely responses and preventive measures constantly in accordance with the Central Pandemic Command Centre's announcement.


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