【Notice No.29】Forwarded_Health Monitoring Measures for Arriving Students


  1. On July 1, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that starting 12:00 pm on July 2 (time of arrival in Taiwan), it will tighten health monitoring measures for people entering Taiwan via airport/port. Details about such measures are listed below.
    • Arriving travelers who have visited key high-risk countries in the past 14 days, after they enter Taiwan via airport or port, will be required to quarantine in government quarantine facilities for 14 days, with accommodation fees paid by the government, and undergo PCR tests for COVID-19 upon checking in at government quarantine facilities and at the end of their quarantine period. Furthermore, such travelers will be required to take a rapid home test between the 10th day and 12th day of their quarantine period.
    • Arriving travelers who have not visited key high-risk countries in the past 14 days will be required to take a deep-throat saliva test and a PCR test upon arrival at an airport or a port in Taiwan and to take a quarantine vehicle to a quarantine hotel or a government quarantine facility where they plan to complete quarantine at their own expense for the 14-day quarantine after taking the tests; such travelers shall also undergo a PCR test before the end of their quarantine (between the 12th day and 14th day of their quarantine period) and take a rapid home test between the 10th day and 12th day of their quarantine period. 
  2. Arriving Students will be given a home test kit by the quarantine staff at the airport upon entry. Not only a one-time SMS message will be sent by the telecommunication operator to the quarantined students in the morning of the 10th day of home quarantine, but also a reminder will be sent via an official LINE bot – “Disease Containment Expert” – to alert the quarantined student to conduct a COVID-19 rapid test along with a link to the instruction/tutorial video. If the result is positive, the healthcare personnel of home quarantine should inform the health unit where the home quarantine is located at once, the local Health Bureau will instruct the student to go to the designated hospital for following PCR test. The local Health Bureau will assist in accommodation while the students are awaiting the final test result.
  3. The Medical and Health Division will be handling daily healthcare for students admitted to the group quarantine facilities, sending the reminders to the quarantined students for conducting the COVID-19 antigen rapid test, and taking care of disposal of home test kits on which the result shows positive.
  4. The instruction video for Foracare COVID-19 home test kit: https://www.foracare.com.tw/td4531h-instructions/
  5. Please follow the instructions step by step to process your quarantine after arrival:

Source: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control 

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