【Notice No.33】The List of Community-based Surveillance Locations for COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention(Clinics)



Community-based surveillance for COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention:

1. Patients over 2 years old with respiratory symptoms or those accompanying toddlers under 2 years old may receive a rapid test kit according to the doctor's medical diagnosis.


2. After receiving the test kits, please take the test as soon as possible in accordance with the instructions and fill in the result online (including the name of the pharmacy where you received the test kits and the results of the rapid screening. )


3. If the test result is positive:

Please go to the nearest community-designated clinics/locations for PCR testing immediately.


Note#1: The testing kits have been approved by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration and are suitable for 2-Year-Olds and above.

Note#2: There are currently 82 designated surveillance clinics nationwide.

Please refer to the attachment for designated clinics in Taichung City.


Source: Office of Students Affairs, NCHU

Translated by Office of International Affairs, NCHU