【Notice No.46】Important Reminders during Qing-Ming Holidays


Dear all, 

Facing the increasing new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease in Taiwan, we, meanwhile anticipate upcoming Qing-Ming holidays. Thus, the following is a reminder for you: 

Regarding the surge in confirmed cases recently, we should keep a close eye on the situation which is somewhat closely related to an Omicron subvariant known as BA.2. The epidemiology research shows that BA.2 is 1.5 times transmissible than Omicron and its ability to escape vaccines is better, too; however, BA.2 does not cause people severe illness if being fully vaccinated.  

The following week is the Qing-Ming holidays, and due to the necessity of north-south travel, the risks of spread of the virus enhance. Thus, you should:  

1. Wear masks properly, wash hands carefully, complete real-name registration correctly.

2. If you have family members arriving in Taiwan from abroad, please do not be in contact or share foods with them during the quarantine time (10+7 days). 

3. During dining-out or large gatherings, other than collecting attendee lists, you’re suggested to select a set meal (or bento). If you have to share foods, please remember to use serving cutlery.  

4. The seven days right after Qing-Ming holidays are crucial, so faculty and staffs should stay alert while wearing masks properly. If you find yourself feeling unwell, seek medical attention right away or get rapid tests provided by the university.

In the battle against Omicron, we still need to work together to comply with the safety and health guidance.


Source: Dr. Chao-Chin Chang, Distinguished Professor from the Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health, NCHU

Edited and Translated: Ms. Jennifer Chen, Office of International Affairs, NCHU


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