NCHU COVID-19 Case Tracking-0503




  1. The infections usually occur when dining, doing exercises, and talking at a conversational distance without wearing a mask, so in order to flatten the Epidemiological trends of the COVID-19 epidemic, please cooperate with the following:

  • (1) Wear masks while working in labs or offices to protect others as well as themselves.

  • (2) Wear masks while running camps on campus

  • (3) If COVID-19 symptoms appear, please avoid dining out with your classmates or colleagues. When you have meals at the lab or office, please reduce conversation and keep your distance. Please chat after meals with masks on.

  1.  An important reminder: professors should wear a mask while conducting in-person classes all the time. This is not only to avoid mandatory quarantine as a close contact if their students are infected but to prevent large-scale quarantine among students or classes whom the professor teaches, which will have a huge impact on campus safety. Please enforce self-protective measures.  

Department Office of International Affairs
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