NCHU COVID-19 Case Tracking-0504



As there are some faculty who had tested positive, resulting from not following the rules of wearing masks in the classes, meetings, and keeping a distance during the meals, which caused numerous people to be listed as close contacts. In order to avoid the ongoing spread of Omicron virus and the risk of subsequent isolation due to contact with confirmed cases, please be sure to cooperate with the following:

I. During lectures /speech/presentation:

1. Professors should wear a mask while conducting in-person classes all the time, and require students to wear a mask. This is not only to avoid mandatory quarantine as a close contact if professors are infected but to prevent whole class or multiple classes should be quarantined at home. 

2.Other related activities on the campus, such as speeches, presentations, etc., must respect the above regulations.

※ Professors or speakers who cannot teach or speak while wearing a mask, the class (or activity) should be conducted remotely.

II. During meetings:

1. To avoid professors/instructors being identified as close contacts who need quarantine, which may lead to class suspension or a huge impact on study and learning. We strongly suggest that all foods and drinks are not allowed (except drinking water) during meetings and events (or do not arrange ones during dining time). 

2. The organizer should implement fixed-seating arrangements and keep attendance records, and take photos of the attendees so that they can provide useful information for the judgment of close contacts if necessary in the future.

III. During outdoor (indoor) photography:

You may take off the mask temporarily but should wear it back immediately after the photoshoot to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.

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