【Notice No.35】Important Reminders for Fall Semester 2021 Regarding COVID-19 Prevention



The Fall semester of 2021 begins on September 15, 2021 (Wed). For the purpose of epidemic prevention, NCHU will conduct online teaching from September 15th to October 3rd; physical classes will begin on October 4th. 

In accordance with the Ministry of Education's "Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of COVID-19 Pandemic in Tertiary Institutions for 2021" (approved by the Central Epidemic Command Center on September 7th), there are several reminders listed below.  Please be sure to read them carefully and follow them strictly:

1.  Since students are returning to campus from different cities and areas, to ensure and track students’ health condition, every student is required to fill out the Health Survey Questionnaire before entering the campus (or before September 15th) and renew it every 14 days thereafter. 
Health Survey Questionnaire: https://avenger2.nchu.edu.tw/HealthSurvey/

2. Please always wear the mask properly and thoroughly when entering the campus.

3. Each building has set up a single entrance/exit station for temperature screening and implemented the real-name contact system. Only studenst/faculty who have completed the Health Survey Questionnaire could enter the building by scanning their NCHU ID Cards. Person who hasn’t completed the Questionnaire is not allowed to enter the building.

4. Reminders for physical classes after October 4th:
(The actual dates of physical classes may be adjusted on a basis according to pandemic situation) 

(1)    It will take additional time at the screening stations in each building. Students need to arrive earlier to avoid delay in class due to the related prevention measures.
(2)    Maintain social distancing indoors (2.25m2/person). Maximum number indoors is 80 people.
(3)    Implement fixed seats, fixed participantsas well as real-name contact system.
(4)    Teachers and students must wear the masks and sanitize hands properly and thoroughly. No foods and drinks are allowed during the class.

5. If you have a history (within 21 days) of home quarantine, home isolation, or informed by CECC that you had been to the venue visited by the confirmed cases (overlapping footprints), you must report to the NCHU Health and Counseling Centre and implement self-health management immediately. (The duration of self-health management is in parallel with home isolation, home quarantine, or with the regulated days announced by CECC). Person who conducts self-health management is not allowed to enter the campus.

6. If you have developed fever, cough, or other COVID-19 related symptoms, please inform the school immediately and seek medical treatments as soon as possible.

7. If individuals are concerned about infection and have been seen by a doctor but are unable to be screened at the clinic, he/she may take his/her medical records (e.g. medication list and receipts) to the screening station next to Hui-Sun Hall to receive the rapid test under the instructions of medical personnel.

8. The latest information regarding COVID-19 prevention is available on NCHU website: Home Page/Epidemic Prevention Area/All News (https://covid-19.nchu.edu.tw/en).

9. Registration for vaccination is now open to the public aged 18 and above. Students are encouraged to register for the COVID-19 vaccine before the physical classes start on October 4th.
COVID-19 Public Vaccine Appointment platform: https://1922.gov.tw/vas/


Source: Office of Students Affairs, NCHU
Translated by Office of International Affairs, NCHU

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