COVID-19 Prevention Measures for Student Dormitory

1. Student dormitory building only opens a door for entrance and exit. Students are required to take their body temperature and swipe their student ID card when entering and leaving the dormitory building (until the end of the final examinations) and wear masks all the time. Students shall disinfect their hands when entering the dormitory building. Outsiders are prohibited from entering the dormitory building.
2. The leisure and social spaces, sports spaces, and public refrigerators in the dormitory building are temporarily closed. When the reading area is open, please wear masks and help disinfect the desks and chairs before and after use. Dry (wet) alcohol is available in public spaces, and hand sanitizer is available in public bathrooms.
3. The confirmed cases and close contacts perform home-care or home-quarantine:
(1) According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and to protect the health of existing resident students, local students are required to return home immediately. Please understand and help us to tide over the peak of the pandemic.
(2) For those unable to return to their homes and the close contacts who have tested negative, they are provided with isolated rooms in each dormitory area, while the confirmed patients and close contacts who have tested positive are housed in separate dorms. The order of priority for those unable to return home is as follows:
1) Overseas students live off campus;
2) Overseas students live in campus;
3) Students from poor families (proof must be provided)those whose parents have no means of transportation;
4) Those with household registration in Hualien, Taitung and outlying islands.
(3) Overseas students who are living off-campus and are required to perform home-quarantine or home-care may apply to live in the isolated dorms at their own expense if they are eligible for an exception to stay on campus.
4. Please refer to the attached document for the NCHU's Handling Procedures for Confirmed Cases and Close Contacts of COVID-19.