COVID-19 Prevention Measures for Student Dormitory

1. Parents, manufacturers, and visitors who enter the dormitory for business, urgent needs and emergency must complete the registration process and be guided to the designated appropriate meeting place by a specialist. It is not suggested to enter the room or contact with other dormitory personnel. Visitors should conduct hand disinfection before entering the dorm.
2. Residents are free to wear a mask in the indoor area of the dormitory, except the home-care dormitory.
3. Hand sanitizer and alcohol is avalible in public spaces, and liquid soap is avalible in public bathrooms.
4. Instuctions related to home-care for confirmed cases and self-initisted prevention for close contacs are as follows:
4-1 According to the Mnistry of Eucation, in order to maintain the health of local residents, close contacts shall undergo self- initiated prevention in the place which fufills CDC’s regulation (Note 5). For those who are eligible to continue to stay in student dorm, they shall enter dorms for home-quarantine provided by schools to undergo the prevention period. (If there is an independent bathroom in dorm, the policy can be executed in the original room.) Local residents who are confirmed cases shall uundergo home-care period at their primary home. Those who are eligible to stay in the dorm are exceptions.
4-3  For residents who had symptoms and were tested positive during the self-initiated prevention period in the dorm, they should quarantine at their primary home. For those who have symptoms during the self-initiated prevention period in the dorm but were tested negative, they may continue 7 days self-initiated prevention.
5. For the content of NCHU's Handling Procedures for Dormitory Residents Confirmed Cases and Close Contacts of COVID-19, please refers to  the annex.